Everything you need to have an AMAZING road trip, solo or with the family - without losing your sanity!

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👉 Ever forgot a crucial item for your road trip at home?

Ever been 3 hours into a road trip and suddenly remembered that very important thing you left on the kitchen counter at home?

Stop wasting time going back or wasting money buying replacements. Use a packing list to make sure everything is in the car before you even start the ignition.

We've got a trusty one-pager packing list for a final check and our comprehensive Rockin' Your Road Trip ebook with a detailed list of everything you need for you, the kids, the car, and the dog!

👉 Are the kids (or adult passengers) moaning about being bored?

Watching the scenery out the car window can be fascinating...when you're driving through a fun landscape. Unfortunately, that won't be the case for the whole trip.

Bring along our activity packs with puzzles, games, and word searches to keep the kids (or adults) entertained during long stretches of boring views.

👉 Lost your signal (and your tunes) in the mountains or the desert?

Ever been in the middle of nowhere with no signal and the only radio station you can find is ancient country gospel that your grandparents used to listen to?

Be ready for the inevitable signal loss during your road trip. Use our list of 3 hours' worth of music favorites to create your unique playlist and save it to your phone.

👉 Do you dread the question, "What's for dinner?" while you're on the road?

Trying to plan out meals while you're on the road can be next to impossible. Even the best laid plans can be spoiled by an unexpected traffic jam delay.

Use our handy meal planner to plot out your meals for the road trip, including a backup option for each. Don't forget to keep snacks and drinks in the car with you!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the ROAD TRIP SURVIVAL KIT can help you!

Imagine what it would be like if…


You were able to get on the road without the dread of forgetting something.

With our comprehensive guide and helpful packing list, you'll be on the road with everything you need for you, the kids, the car, and the dog!


You were able to keep the kids and passengers entertained without fights or constant attention.

Our kids' games and activity pack will save you a few thousand "Are we there yet?"-s, and the bucket list trackers are a fun memento for your trip!


You were able to keep listening to your favorite road trip tunes despite losing signal.

Use our list of over 3 hours' worth of the best road trip songs to craft your own playlist, and never worry about losing signal again.


You were able to avoid the inevitable headache of figuring out what's for dinner every night.

Save yourself the stress of finding a place to eat while you're on the road. Plan out ahead where you'll stop or what you'll have in the car.

Why Do I Need This?

Save your time, money, and sanity with our Road Trip Survival Kit!


No backtracking for forgotten items or trying to find a place to eat!


No need to re-buy supplies you left at home!


No bored kids in the back seat or empty air with no tunes!

What You'll Get

Road Trip Packing List

Stop trying to keep track of it all in your head. I, too, used to think packing lists were a waste of time until I used one and didn't forget a single thing when I went camping! Save your sanity; use a checklist.

Rockin' Your Road Trip ebook

Our comprehensive road trip guide, filled with tips and lists of everything you could need for you, the car, the kids, and the dog! Includes 4 bonus packing lists!

Kids' Games Activity Pack: Word Searches, Puzzles, & Games

Keep the backseat entertained with this 16-page pack of games, puzzles, and word searches. When the "Are we there yet?"-s start, hand them this pack of games and enjoy the peace a little longer.

Road Trip Meal Planner

Save your sanity and plan out your meals for the entire road trip ahead of time. Mix and match between restaurants on the road or premade meals in the car. Either way, it's already taken care of!

Road Trip Music Playlist

Get yourself some tunes! Download this playlist of the 54 most popular road trip songs of all time & keep jammin', even through the signal-less mountains or deserts of your road trip.

US States & National Parks Bucket List Checklist & Map

Track your travels on a good ole' American road trip with these US bucket list checklists and maps, whether you're exploring several states or hitting up the national parks.


Trip Info Organizer

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All your confirmation codes and reservations in one place!

Keep it all organized in one easy-to-reach place, whether a digital file saved on your phone or a physical copy you printed from home.

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