15 Best Travel Scratch Off Maps for Travel Lovers

Travel scratch off maps are my favorite way to keep track of my bucket list progress, and these maps are the PERFECT gift for the dedicated traveler in your life. Whether you want to visit all 50 US states, all 63 US national parks, all 7 continents, or every country in the world: there’s a scratch off map for that.

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Best Travel Scratch Off Maps

It’s fun and incredibly satisfying to come home from an amazing adventure and get to scratch off another country (or 4!) from your travel map.

It helps alleviate the post-vacation depression period, too. (That’s a real thing. It’s not just you.)

Adults and kids alike will love a scratch off map to track their bucket list adventures, and there’s a map for every style out there. Here are my top 15 best travel scratch off maps!

World Maps

  • I have one similar to this one in my foyer, so I see it every day and smile.
  • How about a portable version which also has the 7 New Wonders of the World to track. There’s even a blown up detail of Europe in the corner, so you can still see each country!
  • How about a tie-dyed scratch off map? This map also outlines the individual US states and Canadian provinces if you’d rather have a two-for-one map instead of separate maps for each purpose.

US States Maps

US National Parks Maps

  • This national park scratch off map shows each park in relation to the rest of the country. You really get an appreciation for how lucky the western US is to have all those parks so close together… I’m not jealous; you’re jealous…
  • From the same company that makes the previous national parks map comes the national parks scratch off print. A more orderly grid of the 62 national parks and less wasted space for areas that don’t have a park.
  • This epic US national parks map is not a scratch off map, but it doesn’t show just the 63 national parks. It shows EVERYTHING in the National Park System!

National parks, monuments, seashores, lakes, rivers, trails, historic sites, memorials, preserves, and battlefields. This is an incredibly detailed map that will make your favorite national park enthusiast squeal with joy when they open this gift from you.

Also comes in brown/tan and black/white. Use this listing if you just want the poster and not the professional frame.

Other Great Travel Maps

  • A Cross Stitch World Map for the crafty traveler. Choose your own pattern for filling in countries visited, or trace routes across the map with a different color for each trip. (I have this one, too!)

There you have it: the best travel scratch off map gifts for every traveler!

Don’t see the right map for you?

Let me know in the comments below what you’re looking for, and I’ll update this list!

Happy Travels!

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15 Best Travel Scratch Off Maps for Travel Lovers