I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list.

I love checking things off lists and filling in the blurry spots on my maps! I’ve got BIG travel goals.

Airports only don’t count. Have to do something worthwhile to get checked off these lists. Check out my progress so far!

By the Numbers

Continents Visited
Countries Explored
US States Traveled

Have an adventure in your own backyard! The US happens to be my big backyard.

US States - 38 of 50

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The world is everyone’s backyard and should be explored just as thoroughly! Only made it to two continents so far…but more will be added as I explore. Check out my progress below!

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North America & Caribbean - 8 of 45
Europe - 9 of 46
US National Parks - 23 of 63

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SC State Parks - 22 of 48

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