Finding the Best Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s hard to choose the best mini golf in Myrtle Beach because there are just so many of them. Hello, mini golf capital of the world!

But, never fear! We’ve already done the grueling research, having played all the most popular putt putt courses for you!

We’ve got all the details on which courses have the best shade, the best theme, and the easiest difficulty.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a unique date night idea, these courses are sure to delight and entertain.

Let’s look at all the best putt putt courses in Myrtle Beach, so you can plan your next mini golf adventure with confidence!

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Finding the Best Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is known for a lot of things, but the most intriguing, at least to us, is its claim to fame as the mini golf capital of the world.

We’re semi-pro mini golfers, seeking out any and all putt putt courses whenever we explore somewhere new. We take it seriously.

Well, more serious than the average tourist but not quite as serious as the USPMGA (US Pro Mini Golf Association).

(Did you know there’s a USPMGA? They have a Master’s tournament and everything!)

Mini golf green with two putters and two golf balls next to a hole

We had vacationed in Myrtle Beach before, many years before we moved to South Carolina. That vacation consisted of chilling on the beach and playing mini golf.

We tried a different mini golf course every night we were in town. It was awesome!

Now that we live just a couple of hours away, we’ve used our weekends here and there to test out nearly every putt putt course in the Myrtle Beach area.

Today, we’re sharing all our knowledge of the courses with you: which courses are worth your time, how much do they cost, and when’s the best time to go?

Let’s dive in!

List of Mini Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach, SC

For our purposes, we’re including everything from Myrtle Beach State Park on the south end to the state line in North Myrtle Beach.

We’ve also noted courses that are owned by the same company with various symbols.

For example, the same company owns Treasure Island Mini Golf and Spyglass Mini Golf, so both have a ‘<’ symbol next to their names in the list.

These are marked because several companies offer discount passes for visiting all of their locations within a certain time period.

It’s a good way to save money and maximize your mini golf excursions.

Locations are listed from south to north.

  • Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf *
  • Jurassic Golf *
  • Cancun Lagoon Adventure Mini Golf +
  • Pirates Watch Adventure Golf
  • Jungle Lagoon Mini Golf
  • Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Golf
  • Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf *
  • Lost Mine Mini Golf
  • Spyglass Mini Golf <
  • Treasure Island Mini Golf <
  • Jungle Safari Mini Golf *
  • Aloha Mini Golf ~
  • Rainbow Falls Golf
  • Hawaiian Village Mini Golf ~
  • Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf ~
  • Lost Treasure Golf ^
  • Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf ^
  • Mutiny Bay Mini Golf +
  • Mayday Golf ^
  • Molten Mountain Mini Golf +

8 Awesome Mini Golf Courses in the Myrtle Beach Area

To keep things unbiased, we’ve listed these courses in order from south to north, too.

Each has a difficulty rating and a theme rating for comparison purposes, out of three for each, but feel free to try as many as you want!

1. Jurassic Golf

Difficulty:/ Theme: ⛳⛳⛳ / Shade: None

Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur theme?

Jurassic Golf is new and clean. The best bathrooms we saw of all the mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach!

We opted for the easy course because that’s where all the dinosaurs were.

Normally, we take the harder course, but we were told there aren’t many dinosaurs up that way. Sad.

The harder course does come down to the lagoon area before heading back uphill for its finale.

But the animatronic dinosaurs in the lagoon are easiest to see from the easier course.

We visited in the late afternoon/early evening, so everything was in deep shade by then.

However, there is almost zero shade here if you visit earlier in the day.

✳️ Overall: Fun theme with a fun design, great for late afternoon or evenings.

2. Pirates Watch Adventure Golf

Difficulty:/ Theme: ⛳⛳ / Shade: Some

We love a good pirate theme, and Pirates Watch Adventure Golf delivers that on two different courses.

This course is a little older than some of the others on this list, but the decorations are still hanging in there.

They’ve kept up their greens or, more likely, replaced them recently.

They were a bit tall and spongy for our liking, meaning the ball won’t bounce and stops dead in places.

The holes get repetitive after a while; not a lot of variation in design here.

It’s not the easiest course we’ve ever played, but certainly not difficult, either. I’m sure kids will enjoy it!

As for shade, it’s great in late afternoon once the sun drops below the hill and trees behind the site. During the day, though, there’s not much shade.

✳️ Overall: a decent course with a fun theme, but not a challenge.

3. Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

Difficulty: ⛳⛳⛳ / Theme: ⛳⛳⛳ / Shade: None

Mt Atlanticus has the most unique themed mini golf course in Myrtle Beach: the lost city of Atlantis!

Both courses start inside and continue outside, moving up and down several levels and winding between caves, waterfalls, and tiki huts.

Despite the multiple levels, Mt Atlanticus features an entirely wheelchair accessible course! An elevator whisks you between the different floors.

The variety and challenge here make this course the best mini golf in Myrtle Beach for adults, but your kids will have a blast, too.

Don’t miss the impossibly thin, long path to Hole 19 at the very end for your chance to win free games for life and get your photo on the wall!

✳️ Overall: Awesome theme, unique design, and challenging holes with great views of the ocean from atop the tower!

4. Jungle Safari Mini Golf

Difficulty:/ Theme:/ Shade: Little to None

See if you can spot all the safari animals tucked into trees, on the side of the pond, and, occasionally, out in the open.

With only one course, Jungle Safari Mini Golf can back up. However, this is an easy course so even big groups move quicker than normal.

How easy is this course? We each had 5 holes in one here. That’s crazy!

We wouldn’t say the course was so easy it wasn’t fun.

We were continually surprised by the holes in one, and a couple were pure luck, not skill.

The downside to this course: there’s almost no shade until late afternoon.

✳️ Overall: Great for kids and groups that want to have a good time without too much competition.

5. Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf

Difficulty:/ Theme:/ Shade: Good

Several exotic birds chill in their cages on the front porch as you enter Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf.

There’s only one course here, so it can back up fast. We visited early afternoon and got stuck behind no less than four groups of 5+ players.

Most of them let us play through, but it still took us twice as long to get through this course.

At least it’s well-shaded and has lots of places to sit while you wait your turn.

Each hole has a different word in Hawaiian for you to learn, but that’s about the extent of the theme.

There’s a towering volcano in the middle of the course, which you putt around but never go through.

Every 15-20 minutes or so, you’ll hear the namesake “Hawaiian rumble” and then fire flares out of the top of the volcano.

✳️ Overall: Hawaiian Rumble is a good option for earlier in the day when crowds are low.

6. Lost Treasure Mini Golf

Difficulty: ⛳⛳ / Theme: ⛳⛳⛳ / Shade: Good

Professor Hacker greets you as you enter the Lost Treasure Mini Golf course, our favorite mini golf course in Myrtle Beach!

A fun and unique feature here: take the miner’s train up to the course start!

Kids will love this, but if you’d rather skip it, take the stairs.

We really liked this course! It has a good mix of shaded and not shaded holes and a good variation in design.

You’re not stuck doing a bunch of the same type of shots over and over again.

They mix it up with dog-legs, hills, obstacles, straight putts with traps, and water features. It’s a very thoughtfully designed course, in our opinion.

It gets a bit loud at the holes right by the highway, but that’s our only complaint for this course.

This is definitely some of the best mini golf in Myrtle Beach!

✳️ Overall: Great theme and good shade on a course everyone can enjoy!

7. Mayday Mini Golf

Difficulty:/ Theme: ⛳⛳⛳ / Shade: Some

Unique theme at Mayday Mini Golf: your plane or helicopter (depending which course you take) goes down in the jungle and you have to putt your way out!

We specifically asked for the harder course, but had no problem draining 2s on most holes.

That is, after we got used to the super light touch needed here.

Mayday is right down the street from Molten Mountain, and the difference in oomph needed to hit the ball was night and day.

Still, the theme was done well and the hole design didn’t repeat too much, so we were satisfied with this course.

Tiki hut umbrellas provide spots of shade throughout the course, but in the morning, it gets pretty hot here.

✳️ Overall: Mayday Golf is a unique course for those that just want to have fun.

8. Molten Mountain Mini Golf

Difficulty: ⛳⛳ / Theme: ⛳⛳⛳ / Shade: None outside, but an indoor course, too

 Vivid, slime green lava oozes down the side of Molten Mountain Mini Golf as you arrive at this fun spot in North Myrtle Beach.

This establishment has 2 courses to choose from: one inside and one outside.

The indoor course gets popular during the heat of the summer, as you can imagine.

We thoroughly enjoyed the funny plaques at each hole, and the indoor decorations were on-theme and fun, including smoking volcanoes.

That being said, it was sometimes difficult to read the terrain on the holes inside because of the dim, red lighting meant to convey being inside a volcano.

We thought the greens were a little rougher here.

Hit the ball a little harder than you’re used to, to make sure it goes all the way up the hill!

✳️ Overall: Molten Mountain is a great option for indoor mini golf in Myrtle Beach.

FAQs: Myrtle Beach Mini Golf

>> How Much Does It Cost to Play Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach?

Most mini golf courses charge about the same rate per game, so you can expect to pay $12 per adult per game.

If you choose to do both courses at a location that has more than one, they usually have a discounted price for the second game.

A few places have all-day passes across all their partner locations, which could be worth it if you want to have an all-day mini golf extravaganza like we did.

>> When’s the Best Time of Day to Play Putt Putt in Myrtle Beach?

Late afternoon and evenings are the best time of day to play putt putt to beat the heat. But, naturally, those are also the busiest times of day to play.

You’ll find a post-lunch rush and a post-dinner rush.

If you want to beat the crowds, go in the morning. But also understand that most places don’t open until 10AM and temperatures are already soaring by that time in the summer.

>> What’s the Best Indoor Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach?

There are 3 indoor mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach. Molten Mountain, Cancun Lagoon, and Aloha Mini Golf all offer indoor courses to beat the heat.

We like Molten Mountain or Cancun Lagoon, whichever you’re staying closer to.

Enjoy the Best Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach on Your Next Vacation!

We hope this list was useful and the comparison helpful.

We know there are a ton of putt putt courses to choose from in Myrtle Beach, so this should help you pick your favorites!

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Happy travels!

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Finding the Best Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC